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Gabo Guzzo

With MA in Fine Art (Central Saint Martins College, London, UK) as well as MSc in Economics (Università L. Bocconi, Milan, Italy),​ Gabo Guzzo’s cross-disciplinary approach to art encompasses sculpture, text, spoken word, photography, drawing, design​ and video.

​Gabo Guzzo's​ artistic practice refers to ​ongoing research into the meaning of human nature, explores ideas relating to concepts of pure and impure and draws on the tension between nature and culture, science and myth, chance and control.​ His ​work also considers labour process theory, social anthropology and debates in contemporary political philosophy, with the aim to examine the critical framework in which art moves today.

Through working collaboratively, ​Gabo Guzzo​ questions the relationship between artistic labour, productive labour and the limits and possibilities of authorship.


Gabo Guzzo is Italian and lives in London, UK.

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