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, The Whitechapel Art Gallery

London, UK

Disposed in circle each armed with a music stand, seven actors are invited one by one to read a selection of brief texts all written by the same author, in a collective exploration of intimacy and/or strangeness. As to emphasize their resemblance of an orchestra stripped of its instruments, the only set of rules they have to follow is to refrain from using their craft.

Deprived of the possibility of giving emphasis to what they read, the actors have to renounce their role as interpreters, exposing their personality and consequently letting the one of the writer to inevitably interject with their own.

Gabo Guzzo’s Live&Piss investigates the fine line between voyeurism and exhibitionism, touching on issues such as identity, power, and otherness. By publicly reading his writings, the seven actors find themselves in the ambivalent position of being performers and spectators at the same time, committing an intrusive act while giving a voice to his experience.

Michele Robecchi

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